Garage Fire on Meadow Drive

Garage Fire on Meadow Dr.

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On Saturday, September 24 at around 11:15 a.m. Landingville received a call to a garage fire on Meadow Dr. right outside of Landingville. Although the cause of the fire is unaware, when we arrived on scene, the building had already fallen. The building used to be an old shed. The fire had also spread to a tree next to the building which had burnt off most of the leaves and singed the top off the tree. It had only taken about one hour for the fire to be completely doused.


Top Left: Far shot of the scene after Landingville Fire Co. first arrives and begins to extinguish the fire.

Top Right: (from back to front) John Shive, Thomas Bambrick, and Micheal Haesler man the hose.

Bottom: Cody Yeich Operates the pumps on 47-10 and behind him Mike Wagner operates the pumps on 47-32 resupplying 47-10 with more water to fight the fire.

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